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Where’s The Craic?

How a Chance Meeting Fueled a Director's Irish Musical Odyssey

Come with us to share the Director's remarkable journey into Irish music.

The adventure started in 2013 with an enthralling encounter during Arlo Guthrie's performance at the Hawkswell Theatre.

Lauren Hakulinen, a fan of Arlo and his father, saw this as a once in a lifetime chance to immerse herself in the magic of his concert and explore the spellbinding landscapes of Ireland, just a hop away from her home in France.

Lauren's love for music runs deep, an insatiable passion fueled by the unforgettable experience in the heart of Sligo. This connection increased her determination to undertake this extraordinary project.


As the Director, Producer, and Writer of this documentary, she eagerly yearned to share the enchantment of Irish music that had bewitched her during her sojourn in the musical haven of Sligo.