Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Irish Music

Love the music. Where is that island? I want to go there.

- Toni Corey Wilson

Fantastic film that takes you into the music, and showcases some of the very best musicians in Sligo.

- Auriel Robinson, Ireland

You made the Buena Vista Social Club for Sligo

- Shane Mitchell, Dervish

Beautiful film!
Love the music
- where can I buy the Soundtrack?

- Film festival goer

It was like I was there, like I was sitting in the middle of the musicians in their session in the pub.

- Matti Johansson, Finland

Makes me want to go
for a pint

- Film festival goer

Capturing the Spirit of Irish Music

The journey that led to the creation of this captivating documentary began with an enchanting encounter.

The film's director, a devoted fan of both Arlo Guthrie and his father Woody Guthrie, jumped on the opportunity to see Arlo in concert in Ireland, a short trip from her home in France.

At the concert she met a friend of Arlo's which set off a series of serendipitous encounters.

Inspired by the musical richness and the unforgettable experience of meeting some music heroes in Sligo sparked the idea of creating a documentary to showcase this vibrant musical community.

Lauren's deep passion for music created her desire to complete this extraordinary project, where she served as the Director, Producer, and Writer, eager to share the magic of Irish music witnessed during her time in Sligo.

Experience The Magic of Irish Music

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